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Sheriff Dan Springer

Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer

About Us:

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office was formed in 1865 and has had a tradition of service to our community ever since. We are responsible for general law enforcement in Gallatin County. These duties include, but are not limited to Search and Rescue, criminal investigation, general patrol, civil process, Office of the Coroner, detention, animal control, concealed weapons permits, prisoner transports, and court security.

We patrol the county's 2,517 square miles by car, truck, boat, bike, and even snowmobile. We are currently allotted 59 sworn deputies that are assigned to several detachments including Patrol, Detectives, Administration, Support Services, and the Missouri River Drug Task Force.  We also administer the Gallatin County Detention Center where our dedicated civilian detention officers attend to incarcerated individuals.

Mission Statement

As proud members of this Office, we are dedicated to protect and serve the citizens and visitors of Gallatin County.

Vision Statement

Enhance the quality of life in Gallatin County through service and innovation from dedicated, caring Peace Officers.


Keep the Peace: We will protect the quality of life by keeping the peace and enforcing the law through hard work with knowledgeable, well trained people, committed to doing what is right.

Serve: We serve those who entrust us. We will serve with empathy and compassion while holding ourselves and one another accountable above all else. 

Balanced: Our response to any situation will be appropriate, effective and productive. We survive through maintaining our physical, emotional and mental health.

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