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Mission Statement:
Implement an effective noxious weed management program for the protection of the open space, natural and agricultural resources of Gallatin County.
  1. The Weed District is directly responsible for noxious weed management on County properties including: 1,700 miles of County right-of-way, 8 gravel pits, 14 county parks, Fairgrounds, Road Department property, Three Forks Airport, Law and Justice/ Detention Center grounds, the Logan Landfill and the Bozeman Convenience Site.
  2. Assist county residents by providing information, material and technical assistance for effective noxious weed management. The District provides residents assistance through:
    1. Sprayer rentals
    2. Cost Share Program
    3. Property inspections and development of weed management plans
    4. Developing weed management areas and pursuing Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grants for those areas
  3. Subdivision review/Weed Management Plan process.
  4. Open cut mining (i.e. gravel pits) noxious weed inspection/certification program.
  5. Educational program to raise awareness of noxious weeds through:
    1. Schools
    2. Home Owners Associations
    3. Business/Realtor/Civic groups
  6. Enforcement and Compliance regarding noxious weed laws.
  7. Coordinate noxious weed management programs with State and Federal agencies.
  8. Mapping/surveying noxious weeds throughout the county.
  9. Continuing education of staff through professional associations.

Staff Contacts

John Ansley

Weed District Coordinator

Michael Jones

Weed District Assistant Coordinator