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The County Superintendent of Schools is an elected position whose powers and duties are defined in Montana law. The county superintendent provides general supervision of the schools in Gallatin County, of which there are 16 public school districts comprising 14,114 students, as well as 1,152 home school students and 1,522 private school students. The superintendent also performs the administrative functions for four rural school districts that do not employ a district superintendent or principal.

The superintendent’s office provides administrative, financial, legal, and recordkeeping support to the county’s public schools and acts as a liaison between the Montana Office of Public Instruction and local government units. The superintendent conducts hearings on matters of controversy, oversees district tax levies and budgets, administers the oath of office to trustees, and acts as record keeper of school information.  

The superintendent’s office assists school boards, educators, and the public in understanding and implementing laws pertinent to education. It assists families with providing notification to home school and provides information to the public regarding school district boundaries and property transfers. The office of County Superintendent of Schools is provided by and for the people of Gallatin County to provide its students with the best education possible.

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Superintendent of Schools