Contract Security

If you are organizing or hosting an event that requires a law enforcement presence, we are usually able to accommodate your requests. Rather than hiring off-duty officers or private security, we can provide on-duty officers under contract that will have the full coverage of any on-duty officer. This protects you and our employees with workmen's compensation insurance, transportation costs, full benefits, etc.
If our deputies are available for overtime, we can staff your security needs.
Our rates are $80 per hour per officer. There is a three hour / two officer minimum. This translates into a $480 minimum charge for three hours of service.  
We require a letter or fax indicating requested dates and times of service, a contact person, the type of event or service you are requesting, an acknowledgment of the above stated rates, and name and billing address of the party responsible for payment.  
Please contact Dan McDonough at 406-582-2131 with questions.