Bike Patrol

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office has a bike patrol program to assist with public relations, community involvement, and crime prevention and patrol. We ride in subdivisions, business areas, and at special events both in and out of the county's municipalities.
We have assisted with Bozeman's Sweet Pea Festival, the Three Forks Rodeo events, Manhattan's Potato Festival, as well as many concerts and other special events in the county.
The bike officers' goals are to be accessible to the community and create opportunities for the general public to have positive interactions with law enforcement. Another one of our primary goals is to detect and deter crime as it happens. The ability to cover areas inaccessible by vehicle and larger than can be covered on foot works together with the use of stealth to make the bike patrol an excellent addition to our other patrol units.
We carry our bikes on our cars and are available for calls in any area of the county, but have the added ability to get out and patrol areas of the county in this more unconventional but very effective way.

Bike officer with child

Bike officers in public

Bike officers at night