Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring (EM) is a pretrial and a post-adjudication program.  
EM offers the courts the option of allowing the defendant to be free from jail to be able to work to maintain himself and/or his family, yet remain supervised.
Alcohol Detection Equipment
Alcohol Detection Equipment allows for the monitoring of a defendant’s compliance with conditions restricting alcohol consumption.

GPS Monitoring
GPS Monitoring allows for the continuous monitoring of a defendant’s whereabouts and compliance with conditions that restrict a defendant’s movements.
House Arrest
House arrest allows for the continuous monitoring of a defendant who is restricted to their place of residence. Clients are required to provide verification of any pre-approved outings such as; employment, medical, religious, treatment or other approved activities. All outings shall be pre-approved by the Court or the supervising Officer.    
All applicable fees, as outlined in the fee tab, may apply.