Services Fees

Gallatin County Resolution 2013-093 established the following fees for the Court Services Program:
Pretrial Services
Supervision I
Supervision I - Phone only
$10 one-time charge
Supervision II
Supervision III
Community Corrections
Processing Fee


Processing Fee (Out of State Referrals)$75
Transfer Fee


Fee to transfer to outside agency

User Fee

$ 0.60/hour

Money Management
Money Management Program$20
Electronic Monitoring
Processing Fee

$40         One-time fee

$10/day    Daily fee

MSPOA Grant funded SCRAM


MSPOA Grant funded GPS$6.65/day
MSPOA Grant funded House Arrest$ 0.60/hour
Electronic Monitoring Equipment Loss or Damage Fees
Monitor $1,320
AC Adaptor$15
Phone Cord$3
Equipment Box$10
Tracking Unit$1,740
Wall Charger$60
Fiber Optic Strap$60
AC Adaptor$15
Phone Cord$2
Clip and Battery$25
Direct Connect Kit$60
US Multiconnect AW Kit(wireless)$400
Treatment  Court Blue Book
Lost Booklet

$35.00 Cost set by Court

Misdemeanor Probation
Supervision Fees$50/month
Supervision while on monitoring device


Includes associated monitoring charges

Other Fees

Courtesy UAs (dip stick)

Courtesy BACs

$10 each

$5 each

Courtesy supervision provided upon request from an outside agency

Laboratory urinalysis test

(other than synthetic Marijuana)

$30per test

To include challenged tests that result in positive results

Laboratory urinalysis test

(Synthetic Marijuana)


$ 0.25 per page