Pretrial Services

Gallatin County Pretrial Services provides the courts a defendant’s current personal and criminal history, along with a Risk Assessment. The court considers the Pretrial Services’ information in conjunction with the prosecutor’s and the defense counsel’s input to make an informed decision about whether release under pretrial supervision is an appropriate action.
If a court places a defendant under supervision, Pretrial Services works with the defendant to successfully comply with the court’s conditions of bail. Pretrial officers provide the structure under which the defendant determines day-to-day activities and choices. The court, at any time, may request a compliance report and thus it is to the defendant's benefit to positively participate with the Pretrial program in its entirety.
Referrals and Assistance
Numerous referral and resource information is available for clients in need of housing, transportation, mental health, medical, drug and alcohol counseling, social services, and public defender's office.  
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