Re-Entry Facility

In 2006, with the support of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and the Gallatin County Commissioners, the Gallatin County Re-Entry Program opened its doors.  
The Gallatin County Re-Entry Facility is a 40-bed combination pre-release center and structured living facility for offenders sentenced by the local courts. It operates pursuant to a cooperative agreement among Gallatin County, the Department of Corrections, and Community, Counseling, and Correctional Services, Inc. (CCCS) which is a non-profit, 501-c (3) corporation headquartered in Butte, Montana.
CCCS provides services for local, state, and federal agencies including correctional and other human service programs designed for adults and juveniles. The Gallatin County Treatment Court Program, as well as other courts, use the facility for qualified participants who require a structured and disciplined living experience.  
The program is approximately six months long.
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