Landowner Assistance

Cost Share Program

In the interest of assisting landowners with the control of noxious weeds, the Gallatin County Weed District offers a cost share program in which 50% (up to $200) of the cost of purchased herbicides, contracted applicator labor, biological control agents, or grazing agents will be reimbursed by the District.

Cost Share Program Information and Application

Sprayer Rental Program

For Gallatin County residents interested in spraying noxious weeds on their property, the Gallatin County Weed District offers a weed sprayer rental program that provides weed spraying equipment for a small fee.

Sprayer Rental Program Information

Property Inspections

Weed District staff are available to perform property inspections with private landowners to assist with noxious weed identification, control recommendations, and the development of noxious weed managment plans. To schedule an inspection, please call our office at 406-582-3265.

Landowner Roadside Maintenance

The Gallatin County Weed District has a Landowner Maintenance Program for those landowners wishing to takeover the management of noxious weeds along the county road right-of-way adjacent to their property. To enter the program, landowners must contact the Weed District and fill out a Weed Management Plan.

Landowner Maintenance Program Information

Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grants

The Weed District assists county residents in developing Weed Management Areas and pursuing Noxious Weed Trust Fund grants for those areas.

Enforcement of Noxious Weed Law

The Gallatin County Weed District and the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office have established an enforcement process that complies with the statutes of the Montana Noxious Weed Law. Contact the Weed District for more information or to file a complaint.

Montana County Weed Act (Website) / (PDF)

Noxious Weed Enforcement Policy

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