Zoning Guide

This page is intended to provide an overview of the process to help you get started but is not comprehensive. If at any step you are unsure, call the Gallatin County Planning Department at (406) 582-3130 or email planning@gallatin.mt.gov.

1.   Locate the correct zoning district and sub-district of the property using the Interactive Mapper.

2.   Once you know the correct zoning district, download the corresponding zoning district regulations here.

3.   Using the index listing in the beginning, locate the correct section for your sub-district. Here you can get a general understanding of the regulations and development standards that apply to the property. Pay special attention to details, like:

  • Setbacks
  • Building Heights
  • Property Density Density
  • Minimum/Maximum building floor area
  • Permitted accessory buildings/structures (type, number, size)
  • Permitted Uses: uses within that zone that do not require special approval beyond a Land Use Permit (LUP).
  • Conditional Uses: potential uses that must receive approval first through a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

4.   After reading the sub-district regulations, it is always a good idea to refer back to the index page to see if any “General Development Standards” exist, and/or a section of “Definitions.”  These sections can be very useful and provide additional guidance that apply to the entire zoning district.

5.   Now you are better prepared to move on to the application process. If your project falls under the provided guidelines and is a Permitted Use, go here for a Land Use Permit. If your project falls under a Conditional Use, meaning it requires additional review, go here for a Conditional Use Permit.

6.   If you find that your proposed use doesn’t exist – please call the Planning Department for clarifications and next steps.

7.   If you find that your proposed building/structure will not comply with the Zoning District’s requirements – please call the Planning Department for clarifications and next steps.