Consolidated Board of Adjustment

The December 20th Board of Adjustment Meeting has been canceled due to a lack of items.

About: The Consolidated Board of Adjustments (BOA) is a 5-member board that makes decisions on zoning and development applications in "Part 2" zoning districts (Four Corners, Gallatin County/Bozeman Area 'Donut', Middle Cottonwood, North Gallatin Canyon, Reese Creek, and South Cottonwood Canyon). For the BOA bylaws, click here. The Consolidated Board of Adjustments consists of the following members:

MemberTerm Expiration
Jennifer Boyer, President6/30/2023
Jeffrey Boyle, Vice-President6/30/2023
John Edwards6/30/2023
Andrew Epple1/24/2024

How to Participate: The Consolidated Board of Adjustments (BOA) meets the third Tuesday of every month at 4:00pm (when there are items to be heard) in the Courthouse Community Room, 311 W. Main St., Bozeman, MT, or by means of electronic equipment.

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