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The floodplain boundaries shown herein are based on the FEMA Flood Insurance Study for Gallatin County, Montana and Incorporated Areas and the corresponding Flood Insurance Rate Maps, with an effective date of September 2, 2011. The boundaries shown on these maps are for informational and insurance purposes and to help people assess their relative risk to major flood events.

NOTE: These floodplains are based on scientific studies of selected stream systems and do not represent all flood threats in Gallatin County.

  • Please note that there are permitting requirements for activities such as grading, excavation, placement of fill, bank stabilization work, construction or placement of structures, and other similar activities within the regulatory floodplain. For additional information, please consult the Gallatin County Floodplain Regulations or contact the Gallatin County Planning Department at 406-582-3130.
  • Gallatin County also offers a Map Information Service which provides a great deal of useful flood-related information about a property. Click here for the Floodplain Information Request Form.
  • For more information about the National Flood Insurance Program, click here.
  • Click here to submit a complaint concerning work that has occurred or is occurring in the floodplain.

Click here to proceed to the Gallatin County Floodplain Viewer.

Click here to learn about the West Gallatin and Bozeman Creek map updates.

Click here to see a list of floodplain contacts in Gallatin County.

All files on this page are in PDF file format. Any forms can be filled out on-line and printed OR the blank forms can be printed and filled out by hand. The forms can also be saved on your computer. If you do not have a PDF file reader installed on your computer, click on Adobe Reader to download a free copy.

Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Viewing FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps on the Web:

1.) Select "Map Index - Part 1" (northern area of the county) OR "Map Index - Part 2" (southern area of the county) and note the map panel numbers you are interested in viewing. 

2.) Select "Maps" and click on the file that corresponds to the map panel number you have noted. 

3.) If you wish to print just a portion of the map, select “Current View” under Print Range in your printing options.

4.) Technical information regarding the maps can be obtained by selecting "Flood Insurance Study".

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