Grants Office

Mission Statement
Under the direction of the County Commissioners, the Grants and Projects Administration Department performs a variety of technical functions related to the development and administration of policies and procedures, which facilitate the coordination, advancement and administration of grant programs, planning activities and related contracts and projects.
Current Gallatin County Grants & Projects
Administration Department Programs
Grant Programs
  • CDBG Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund
  • CDBG Housing Grant - Road to Home
  • DOJ Bullet Proof Vest Partnership Program
  • DOJ Local Law Enforcement Block Grant
  • MBCC Victim Witness Program Grants
  • MBCC Operation Freedom From Fear
  • MBCC Enforcing Underage Drinking in Gallatin County Grant
  • MBCC Southwest Regional Detention Grant
  • MBCC Missouri River Drug Task Force
  • FAA Progreba Field Airport Snow Removal Equipment Building
  • TSEP Bridge Replacement Project
  • MT HWY 64
  • Martel Low-Rise Building
  • Third District Court Remodel
  • I-90 Interchange
  • Auditor/Accounting/IT Remodel
  • Detention Center Construction Alternatives and Finance Options Planning
  • Four Corners Water-Sewer Feasibility Study
  • Capital Improvement Program Development
  • Public Access Television Installation
  • Logan Landfill Expansion

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