Risk Assessment Profiles

To gather information to present to a court about a defendant’s flight risk and a defendant’s potential threat to the community under pretrial release.
If a court orders supervision, the case manager may, during scheduled appointments, recommend to the defendant any agencies that assist with alcohol/drug treatment, mental health counseling and family crises.
High Risk — Level IV Reporting (Electronic Monitoring)
Electronic monitoring offers court pretrial options and sentencing options that allow an offender the opportunity to continue an uninterrupted, wage-earning life while being monitored by the courts.
High Risk — Level III Reporting
Residence: may not have a stable residence or is transient.
Community/Family Ties: may have limited or no family ties to the Bozeman area.
Employment: usually unemployed or sporadic employment
Current Criminal Offenses/History: extensive prior criminal history and probably under other court ordered supervision; most have a history of failure to appear, violations of court ordered conditions of release, or absconding while on bond or other supervision.
Includes: day reporting, possible electronic monitoring/house arrest and random UAs or BAC testing
Medium Risk — Level II Reporting
Residence: may have a residence, but could be renting or staying with someone rather than owning.
Community/Family Ties: may have little or no contact to family ties in the area.
Employment: usually employed, but may not have had job for extended period of time.
Current Criminal Offenses/History:  may not have an extensive criminal history but has some problems with failure to appear or violating court ordered conditions of release.
Includes: reporting twice per week and random UAs or BAC testing
Low Risk — Level I Reporting
Residence: is an established Bozeman area resident or owns a home.
Community/Family Ties: has roots in the community, or other family members that they regularly contact.
Employment: most have stable employment
Current Criminal Offenses/History: will have little or no criminal history.
Includes: reporting once per week and random UAs or BAC testing. This weekly contact can be done by phone.