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2022 School District Candidate and Ballot Propositions Notice  


2022 School District Trustees Candidate Information

To better educate voters in upcoming school district elections, Superintendent of Schools Matthew Henry sent a 10-question, voluntary questionnaire to all candidates running for seats on the school boards in the sixteen school districts across Gallatin County.   Below are the candidates by district and their responses as submitted.

Manhattan #3

Bozeman #7

Willow Creek #15

Springhill #20

Cottonwood #22

  • Michael Joecks      No response  Elected by Acclamation

Three Forks #24

Pass Creek #25

  • Bruce L.  Haugland     No response    Elected by Acclamation

Monforton #27

Gallatin Gateway #35

  • Tim Melton     No response    Elected by Acclamation

Anderson #41 

  • Mary Burrows     No response     Elected by Acclamation
  • Warren Bauder    No response    Elected by Acclamation

LaMotte #43

  • Alexander M. Prentiss     No response
  • Marcy Torres                 

2 Yr Term


Belgrade #44

Malmborg #47

  • Kristy Kleman     No response    Elected by Acclamation

West Yellowstone #69

  • Liz Watt          No response    Elected by Acclamation

Big Sky #72

  • Kara Edgar           No response       Elected by Acclamation
  • Scott Hammond   No response        Elected by Acclamation

Amsterdam #75

  • Ryan K. Mattick     No response   Elected by Acclamation
  • Alana Edwards       No response   Elected by Acclamation