Road & Bridge


The Road and Bridge Department is currently working, however the office is closed to the public.  If you need to drop off paperwork, please leave it at the front door and someone will pick it up.  You may contact us via phone or email during this time.

The Gallatin County Road and Bridge Department has installed 16 ton temporary weight limits on the following roads:

  • Love Lane – Shire Trail to Valley Center Road East               
  • Durston Road – Love Lane to Gooch Hill Road
  • Fowler Road – Stucky Road to South 19th
  • Gooch Hill Road – Huffine to Highway 191
  • Goldenstein Lane - all
  • Sourdough Road – Kagy Blvd to Goldenstein Lane
  • River Road – all
  • Harper Puckett – Kimberwicke to Valley Center Road East
  • Nelson Road – all
  • Weaver Road – all
  • Collins – all
  • Hidden Valley Road – all
  • Wilson Creek Road – all
  • Burnt Road – all
  • Swamp Road – all
  • Wes Davis Road – all
  • East Gallatin Road – all
  • Cameron Bridge Road West - all
  • Stucky Road - all
  • Linney Road - all
  • Thorpe Road - Valley Center Road West to Amsterdam Road
  • Axtell Anceney Road - all
  • Axtell Gateway Road - all
  • Blackwood Road - Gooch Hill Road to Fowler Road
  • Sales Road - all
  • Lee Road - all
  • Beatty Road - all
  • Zachariah Lane - all
  • Madison Road - Crowley to the Frontage Road
  • Crowley Lane - all
  • Chapman Road - all
  • Lane Road - all
  • Front Street (Three Forks) - all
  • Resse Creek Road - all
  • Heeb Road - Stagecoach Trail to the Frontage Road
  • Gee Norman Road - all
  • Three Forks Airport Road - all
  • Sebena Road - all
  • Haassakker Road - all
These are temporary due to the soft conditions caused by spring thaw.  They will be lifted as soon as the roads firm up and can withstand truck traffic without causing substantial damage.  I will update this list as soon as that information is available.  Please contact the Road Office if you wish to receive emails regarding updated weight limits.
The Gallatin County Road and Bridge Department and the Junk Vehicle Program are located at 205 Baxter Lane West, west of Jackrabbit Lane, 2 miles north of Four Corners. 
The Dust Control Cost Share Program has been suspended due to funding issues. However, residents are still welcome to have approved dust control applied onto County maintained roads. Residents must contact suppliers directly. The supplier (not the resident) is required to contact this office to receive an encroachment permit to perform work on a County Maintained Road.
The Gallatin County Road and Bridge Department will not allow work in the County Maintained Road right of way during the winter. No work will be allowed after November 15 - except for approved emergency repairs - and the closure is effective until spring thaw. The spring start-up date is weather dependent.  
Please contact the Road Office for more information.
Bill Brownell