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Triangle Community Plan

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City cartoonDepartment Vision Statement

Our vision is to serve Gallatin County and the public in Planning and Community Development capacities with a commitment to integrity, respect for others, professionalism and transparency.

Departmental Goals

  • Goal 1:  Respond to community planning needs efficiently, with a well-educated, professional staff.
  • Goal 2:  Provide courteous, accurate and timely service to the public; including public accessibility to planning services and documents, both in the office and on the internet.
  • Goal 3:  Provide professional, accurate and responsive service to the County Commission, Planning Board, Planning and Zoning Commission and the other various planning-related boards; include neutral and objective review of applications.
  • Goal 4:  Foster inter-departmental and inter-agency cooperation.

Department Overview

The Department of Planning & Community Development is responsible for long-range planning; administration of subdivision, zoning, and floodplain regulations; and coordination of the County’s community and economic development efforts. The Department is supervised by the Planning Director. The Department provides support to the County Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission, County Planning Board, several Boards of Adjustment, and citizen advisory groups.

  • The Department’s long-range planning functions include implementation and maintenance of the County Growth Policy; updates to existing zoning regulations; and technical support for community planning efforts.
  • The Department’s community and economic development efforts include supporting citizen groups focused on community-building activities; partnering with other agencies and citizen groups on infrastructure projects; and providing support for economic development projects and organizations.
  • Development review efforts include administration of the Subdivision Regulations and the County‘s 22 adopted zoning districts. Subdivision Regulations are applicable to divisions of land in unincorporated areas of the County. Zoning Regulations are applicable to specific, defined geographic areas within the County. 
  • The Department reviews proposed subdivisions and zoning applications to ensure compliance with state laws, local regulations, and applicable plans, and presents findings to the appropriate advisory boards (zoning advisory committees and the County Planning Board), and decision making bodies (Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, County Commission).
  • The Department is responsible for the County’s obligations as a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program. This includes administration of the Gallatin County Floodplain Regulations and review of floodplain development permits for proposed projects within regulatory floodplains.

The Planning Department also provides staff support to the following advisory and decision-making bodies:

  • County Commission
  • County Planning Board
  • Planning and Zoning Commission (for citizen-created "101" zoning districts)
  • Consolidated Board of Adjustment (serving Gallatin County/Bozeman Area (Donut), South Cottonwood Canyon, Reese Creek, Four Corners, and North Gallatin Canyon zoning districts)
  • Gallatin Canyon/Big Sky Zoning District Advisory Committee (BSAC)
  • Hebgen Lake Zoning District Advisory Committee (HLZAC)

Staff Contacts


Program Assistant

Planning Director, Floodplain Administrator

Assistant Planning Director

Lead Senior Planner

Senior Planner, Assistant Floodplain Administrator

Long Range Planner

Associate Planner

Assistant Planner

Assistant Planner