Commissioner Scott MacFarlane

Commissioner Scott MacFarlane

Scott MacFarlane


Commissioner Macfarlane was born in Havre, Montana to a single mother. Lilyann named him David Jason ‘Scotty’ MacFarlane, as his family was a prominent Scottish family in the community and everyone referred to his grandfather William as Scotty.  He attended Davey School, a one-room, rural K-8 elementary where his mother was the only teacher until he was in third grade. Following the passing of his mother he was adopted by her twin brother and raised in Colstrip until graduating from high school.

Scott and his wife Jen became friends in Colstrip in middle school and both went to college on athletic scholarships, Jen as a Griz, Scott as a Cat. They married at 23 and immediately had identical twins Lilyann and Penelope. Two years later came their son Kiedis.

Scott and Jen have lived in Colstrip, Bozeman, Missoula, West Yellowstone, Butte, Helena, and Kalispell.

Scott has been a ‘liftie’ at Bridger Bowl, a ‘grounder’ at Valley View, a commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor, a custodian, mechanic, and facilities program manager at Montana State University, and facilities director for Belgrade Schools.