Motor Vehicle Department - Vehicle Title & Registration

(We DON'T do drivers licenses)
Unfortunately, both Motor Vehicle Offices (Belgrade and Bozeman) are still closed to walk-in traffic, but we are offering services electronically and via mail or drop off services (in the lobby of the Courthouse and outside of the Belgrade Office during normal operating hours). 
We plan to re-open the week of May 25th, by appointment only. Appointments will only be available to customers whose documents have already been received, in the order that their documents were submitted via dropbox, email, mail, or online submittal.  We will contact those customers directly for scheduling and ask that you do not contact us.
THANK YOU to those customers who continue to treat our staff with kindness and respect. 
Unfortunately, due to illnesses, quarantine requirements, staff that are homeschooling and other circumstances, we have a very limited but very dedicated staff working tirelessly to keep up with the amount of work that has resulted from not being able to work directly with our customers. 
We encourage customers to use the online processing services available and review this page carefully for the information you need as your questions may easily be answered.  We are at least 48 hours behind in responding to phone messages and emails.
We ask that you please:
1.  DO NOT submit any request or send us documents to process unless you are willing to pay immediately upon receipt of an electronic invoice.  
2.  Follow the directions on the forms that are provided, and include all documentation necessary so we don't have to continually contact you.
3.  Do not leave repeated/multiple voicemails or emails.
4.  If your out-of-state registration is NOT expired, wait a couple of weeks before submitting a request.
5.  Take advantage of the Governor's 30 or 90 day extensions as listed below - if you qualify.
6.  Please search this website for answers to your questions.
7.  Allow 7 to 10 working days for us to complete your transaction.
8.  Be kind.
There are EXTENDED DEADLINES for vehicle titling, registration, and renewals:

NEW DEALERSHIP PURCHASES:  If you purchased a vehicle from a dealership on or after March 16, 2020, you have a 90-day extension to title and register your vehicle. 

RENEWALS:  Renewals have an additional 30 day grace period past their expiration; however, the link on the State's reminder card will not work for those renewals.  Please use the Expired Registration Form found in the top left-hand corner of this screen. 

Gallatin County Motor Vehicle Office is offering the following electronic processes:
To process your title and registration requests electronically, please use the submission form (also found on the upper left corner of this page) to submit your request.  We will process submissions in the order in which they are received.  We ask that you kindly allow 7-10 days before contacting us about the status of your submittal.  You will receive an electronic invoice according to the instructions you provide using this form once your transaction is near completion. That invoice will show that it is from a 208 phone number or may reflect that it is from Prompt Pay or Access Idaho/NIC Inc.  If it is from one of those sites it is legitimate and secure.  Please make payment as soon as possible.  Failure to make payment within 3 days of the receipt of your invoice will cause your paperwork to be moved to the end of our submittal queue.  We don't want that and neither do you!    
  • UNEXPIRED REGISTRATION RENEWALS:  If your registration is CURRENT, and you do not need an address change, you can renew online using this link.
  • EXPIRED RENEWALS BY MAIL:  If your registration is EXPIRED and you have a reminder from the State of Montana, you can still submit the amount due listed on that notice via check and either drop it off at one of our offices or mail it.  You will not incur a late fee but you will only be renewed for the period of time you would have if you had paid on time.  
  • EXPIRED RENEWALS ELECTRONICALLY:  If your registration is expired and you prefer to process it electronically, don't know the amount owed, need a change of address, or are interested in permanent registration information, please use the EXPIRED RENEWAL FORM (see upper left-hand corners of this page.)
ADDRESS UPDATES: If you just need to update your address with our office (e.g. recently moved to a new address in Gallatin County), please submit the form found here
DROP BOX LOCATIONS:  There are drop boxes located outside of the Belgrade Office and inside the Gallatin County Courthouse lobby in Bozeman where you can drop off out-of-state transfers, private sale information and renewals.  PLEASE read the instructions carefully!  Submissions will be processed in the order in which they are received.  Please allow 7-10 days before contacting our office regarding the status of your submittal.
APPOINTMENTS: Curbside appointments are currently available using this link.  You will be contact by our Appointment Clerk prior to your appointment to ensure that you have all of the proper paperwork.  PLEASE submit all information that is requested so we can expedite your transaction.  Some transactions take longer than others.
ANSWERS TO FAQ'S:  Please visit for more information on titling and registering motor vehicles in Montana.
CONTACT OUR OFFICEThe fastest way to contact our office is to leave us an email at this address: If you would prefer to talk to someone over the phone our number is 406-582-3080. Our phone hours are 9:30am to 3:30pm; if you leave a phone message there is not a guarantee that your call will be returned the same day.  Please leave us your name, number, and a brief description of your question. If there is a specific vehicle in question, please leave either the last six digits of the VIN or the Montana plate number.
We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible under the circumstances, with limited staff 
and our limited control.
Thank you for your patience as we overhaul our processes
and please be well.
-Your Gallatin County Motor Vehicle Team
To make an appointment at a Drivers Services location for a driver's licence, REAL ID, knowledge testing, road testing, driver's license transfer, most VIN inspections, and other related services, please visit: or call 866-450-8034 (toll free). The Gallatin County Driver's License Office is located at 2005 Gilkerson Dr. #B, Bozeman, MT (off of Griffin Drive).
Registration Reminder Cards:
The registration reminder cards are a courtesy notice, not a bill. Even if you do not receive your card, your registration is still due at the end of the month that it expires. These cards come from the Motor Vehicle Division in Helena, MT, not from our office.  If you have sold the vehicle but still receive the notice, please disregard.
If you are renewing your registration online, but you have moved within the last year and have not updated it with our office, your registration will not go to your new address. There is not a way to update your address on the renewal website; you will have to email us your new address first or complete the address update form HERE before you renew.
Register your Vehicle Permanently:
Qualifying vehicles are 11 years or older. So, this year, 2020, all 2009 vehicles are now eligible. If you are late to renew your registration from the previous year, then you will not qualify until the following year. Fees for permanently registering a vehicle vary based on the value, weight, etc., but you can estimate the cost as being roughly three times the total of an annual renewal. You can call or email our office to get a quote for your permanent registration total. 
Where to go with your Paperwork (WHEN OUR OFFICES RE-OPEN):
Our location in Bozeman is 311 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715. We are in room 102 and room 104, which are two different doors to the same room.
  • If you have only a Montana registration renewal then you will go to the door that says Room 102. This is our Express Renewal Line.
    • You can also come to this line if you want to swap your plates (as long as you do not want a personalization), if you are switching counties within Montana, if you just want to update your address on your registration, or if you need a reprint of your registration or your previous year's financial statement.
  • If you have any form of Title work, then you will go to the door that says Room 104 and pull a number from the red ticket stand.
  • If you have an appointment for your title work, you do not need to pull a number or wait in the lobby. For appointments you will go to the door that says Room 102 and let the renewal line know that you are there for your appointment; when they are ready, either Desk 1 or Desk 2 will call you in to process your transaction.
Our location in Belgrade is 312 W Main St, Ste B-8, in the Belgrade Town Center building. 
  • There are no specific lines here; every transaction is first come, first serve, when you pull a number. We also do not have appointments available at this location. 
What do I do if my Out of State Title is being held by Bank?
To be able to register your vehicle in Montana, you will need to request that title from your bank and have them send it to our office.
Please visit our informational pages about out-of-state transfers, found HERE.
How do I get a Handicap Placard/Plate?
To get a Handicap Placard, you and your doctor must fill out an MV5, a Disability Permit/License Plate Application. To receive a placard you will send this form to the address in Helena listed at the top of the form, PO Box 201431, Helena, MT 59620. The form can be found here. Your doctor's office can usually fax this form to Helena for you. 
To get a Handicap Plate, you can either bring in the completed MV5, which we will keep and put on file, or if you already have a blue handicap placard, then you can bring that in as well and we will take a copy of it for our files.
I lost my Montana Title- how do I get a replacement?
You can use the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title, the MV7, and either send it directly to the state with $10.30, or you can complete the transaction in our office by going to the door labelled Room 104 in Bozeman (or at any desk in our Belgrade office). The form can be found here.
I received a Lien Release from my bank; what should I do now?
You have three options after you receive the lien release:
  • You can attach it directly to your Montana title and keep them in a safe place for future use.
  • You can come into our office so we can release it from the system, and then attach the lien release to your current Montana title.
  • You can come in to our office so we can release it from our system, and then for $10.30, we can order you a clean title that does not have the lien printed on it at all.
I need a temporary permit for my car; what do I need to do?
If you have recently purchased the vehicle you will need to bring in proof of a valid sale. If it was a Montana vehicle, that means either a notarized Montana title or a notarized bill of sale. (If either of these things has a notary date that is older than 40 days, we cannot issue a temporary permit.)
If you have an out-of-state vehicle (already in your name) you can get a temporary permit with your out-of-state registration (if it has not been expired for more than 90 days).
What do I need for Veteran Plates/Veteran Disability?
If you want to purchase veteran plates for your vehicle please bring us a copy of your DD214 to keep on file.
If you want to purchase Disabled Veteran plates for your vehicle, you will need to bring in your letter from the Veteran Affairs office.
You must have either 100% disability rating or a minimum of 50% with a Purple Heart Designation to be able to qualify for any fee exemptions.
What do I need for proof of residency?
If you do not have a Montana Driver’s License or ID, you must present:
  • A Government Issued Photo ID
    • Out of State Driver’s License or ID
    • Passport
  • A Rental Agreement signed by you and your Landlord (within the last year)
  • The deed to your home, the property tax statement, or closing documents to your home
  • OR Two forms of proof that are in your name and reflect your physical address
    • Acceptable forms are:
      • Bank Statements
      • Insurance Card
      • Utility Bill
      • Certified Court Documents
      • Montana Hunting/Fishing License
      • Pay Stub
      • Phone Bill
      • School Transcript/Report Card
      • Voter Registration
      • For people without a physical address a written statement on letterhead from a Montana Social Services Agency verifying residency status and descriptive address
Each State's Title Requirements can be found in the Title Manual
Located here. We honor the rules of the state that your title comes from. Ex: California does not require notarization, so you can register a vehicle in Montana by providing a California title that has just been signed off of by the previous owners. 
Jennifer Blossom

Gallatin County Treasurer/Motor Vehicle Supervisor