Justice Court

Gallatin County Justice Open Court 
is held M, W, F at 8:00am 
(excluding federal holidays).
Beginning October 1, 2021 Open Court will be at 8:00am only.
Reservations are mandatory by using this link:

Department Overview
Gallatin County has two Justice Courts, Department 1 and Department 2, each one administered by a fulltime Justice of the Peace Judge. Justice Court is the venue responsible for original jurisdiction of all civil and criminal cases outside the city limits of Bozeman. The two courts provide an effective and efficient court system for the residents of the County through dedicated staff and efficient management, while being fiscally responsible within the allocated budget. Gallatin County Justice Court has three divisions: Criminal, Civil and Small Claims. Each Department handles all divisions.

Below is a brief overview of each of the divisions: 
The criminal division handles citations issued by the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Fish and Game, Highway Patrol, Airport and the Department of Transportation. The Court is also responsible for seeing people making their initial appearance on felony charges. 

The civil division of Justice Court handles orders of protections, landlord/tenant disputes and contract disputes. The amount in dispute cannot exceed $15,000. Justice Court’s small claims division handles contracts involving the recovery of money or recovery of specific personal property. The total amount cannot exceed $7,000.

Mission Statement

Gallatin County Justice Court is constitutionally entrusted to preserve the rule of law and to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the United States and Montana Constitutions.

We are dedicated to providing professional, accurate, and courteous services to the State of Montana, its citizenry and related agencies while applying judicious justice under the law.

Honorable Rick West
Justice of the Peace
Department 1

man smiling in front of a flag

Honorable Bryan Adams
Justice of the Peace
Department 2

man smiling in front of a flag

Judge NameTitle
Rick West

Justice of the Peace - Department 1

Bryan Adams

Justice of the Peace - Department 2

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