A Brief Overview of Civil Jurisdiction and Venue

Justice Court's civil jurisdiction encompasses civil claims of $12,000 or less.

Many persons choose to represent themselves in Justice Court. Our procedures are streamlined. However, the rules of evidence apply to all parties, whether representing himself or herself or being represented by counsel. Individuals having claims involving substantial sums or having unique applications of the rules of evidence are usually best served by hiring a lawyer.

An action on behalf of a corporation must be represented by an attorney. Sole proprietorship, partnership, or unincorporated association may be filed and presented by such designed agent.

Civil actions should be filed in the Justice Court of the county in which the Defendant (the party you are suing) resides.

Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. It cannot hear cases involving all claims. For instance, divorce and family matters, and any case in which the court would be called upon to decide who is the legal owner of real estate.

The source of this information may be internal or external to the Gallatin County Justice Court. The Gallatin County Justice Court makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. However, the information provided in this document is for your information only. The Gallatin County Justice Court makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information.