2. Criminal Forms and Process

Gallatin County Justice Court of Record Criminal Process Information:

Law Enforcement Citations
Gallatin County Justice Court of Record has jurisdiction over citations filed by the following departments:
· Montana Highway Patrol
· Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department
· Motor Carrier Services
· Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
· Gallatin Airport Authority

Defendant Options
You received a citation, what are your options?
1.  Appear at Open Court to enter a plea for your case/citation and/or discuss payment
     options with a judge.
     Open Court is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding Federal Holidays).
     Click here for scheduling Open Court. The date scheduled must be on or before the
     required appearance date on the citation.
          Important Note: Appearance in Open Court is mandatory for anyone under
          the age of 18
 who receives a citation from one of the above agencies.
          A parent or guardian is also required to attend court with the minor.
          Juvenile Defendant Information

2.  Pay the bond (fine), unless you are mandated to appear before a judge.
     Payment Options:
     A.  In person at Justice Court, 615 S 16th Ave Room 168 
          Cash, Check or Card (American Express is not accepted, fees will apply)
     B.  By Mail to:
          Gallatin County Justice Court of Record
          615 S 16th Ave Room 168
          Bozeman MT 59715
     C. Online at www.citepayusa.com
          You will need citation # and date of birth. Online payments need to be completed
          the day before appear date on citation. Fees will apply.
     D. By Phone to 406-582-2191. Card must be in Defendant's name. American Express not 
          accepted. Fees will apply.

If you need to request an extension of time, to be seen by video, or request anything of a judge, use the following form:
      Blank Criminal Motion              (Note: This form needs to be mailed or delivered to the court as an original signature is required)

If you have been seen by the judge and have been granted a Time Pay Agreement and need to request a change to the Time Pay Agreement, please use the following form:
      Time Pay Request Form             (Note: This form needs to be mailed or delivered to the court as an original signature is required)

Here is a helpful link: Self-Representation and Legal Research

City/Municipal Courts
If your citation is from a city officer, you need to contact the court indicated on your citation.
Links to Gallatin County City/Municipal Courts:
Bozeman (includes Bozeman and MSU Police) 
Three Forks
West Yellowstone

District Court
Felony charges are part of District Court's jurisdiction.
Note: Initial Appearances for Felonies are seen in Justice Court.
18th Judicial District Court