Fees Increased For Unsecured Loads at Logan Landfill

Gallatin Solid Waste Management District

On Nov. 18, new fees for bringing unsecured loads to the Logan Landfill went into effect.

The fee is now $50, up from the previous fee of $25 that was implemented in 2009.

The fee is used to help deter folks from not securing their loads that they bring to the landfill, which leads to trash getting lost from vehicles and littering the roadway.

Jim Simon, manager of the Gallatin Solid Waste Management District, said with growth in Gallatin County and an increase of traffic going to the landfill, there are also safety concerns with unsecured loads.

"This is to try to combat that," Simon told Gallatin County Commissioners.

To read the full policy, please visit gallatinsolidwaste.org.

For any questions, please call 406-284-4029.