Concealed Weapons Permit Applications and Renewals Moved Online

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office

UPDATE: Tuesday, 4/21/2020

In-person Concealed Weapon Permit applications and renewals have been temporarily suspended but we have a new process to make sure your requests are taken care of. For forms and temporary instructions for applying for or renewing a concealed weapons permit, see the GCSO website:

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) had temporarily suspended concealed weapon permit applications and renewals. However, GCSO has created a new process to get permits running again.

There is a new email specifically for concealed weapons permits:

You can use this email to ask questions or check the status of your permit. Please be patient with your status checks - this email is not manned every day and GCSO staff are trying to catch up with applications that were submitted before the suspension. They are doing their best to come up with an alternate process to make sure your requests are taken care of.

We expect to have a procedure for downloading the application forms that you can fill out, print off, and mail or drop off the forms with payment. Once the background check is finished, you will be contacted by phone or email to come in to the Law and Justice Center for a photo and signature on the form. The permit will be finished and mailed to you.

Please check the website for updates on our progress.

Thank you for your patience and support in these trying times.