MT HWY 64 Project in Big Sky

MT Hwy 64 in Big Sky, MT
Intersection at Hwy 191 and Hwy MT-64

Project Overview (Project Area Map)

In 2017, the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce with other organizations realized the need to complete a transportation study (2017 Big Sky Transportation Study Report and Executive Summary ) which focused primarily on the MT Highway 64 Corridor. The study evaluated existing and future road conditions along the corridor as well as safety issues, pedestrian and transit needs, and wildlife interactions along the corridor. Upon completion of the study, the Big Sky area completed a Federal Highway TIGER BUILD competitive grant application which was sponsored by Gallatin County and in 2019 they received a grant award from the Federal Highway Administration.

The project will upgrade the pedestrian crossing at US Highway 191 and MT-64, improve wildlife interactions, add seven additional turn lanes along the corridor, add a traffic signal at Little Coyote and MT-64, add a pedestrian tunnel at the intersection of Little Coyote and MT-64, add a pedestrian trail along Little Coyote that connects to a pedestrian bridge at the Big Sky Community Park.

Wildlife Interaction
Anticipated Schedule:
1. Design Phase will be complete July 2020 (View 90% Road Design here)
2. Construction Contract Bid will begin in late summer 2020 

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