Special Products

The Gallatin County GIS Department participates in many special projects resulting in documentation, maps and analysis. This page will post those special project materials in a downloadable format for distribution. 

For additional information regarding the special projects available here, please refer to the individuals or departments listed in the materials.

Many of these posted downloads are large; therefore, download time may be considerable. If a "File Download" pop-up does not appear when selecting one of the documents below, try a right-click on the document and select "Save Target As".

  • Gallatin County HAZUS-MH Earthquake Study
  • HAZUS-MH Appendices
  • HAZUS-MH Hyalite Dam Inundation Map
  • HAZUS-MH Block Index Map North
  • HAZUS-MH Block Index Map East
  • HAZUS-MH Block Index Map West
  • HAZUS-MH Block Index Map Canyon
  • HAZUS-MH Block Index Map South
  • HAZUS-MH Bridger Fault Economic Loss Map
  • HAZUS-MH Madison Fault Economic Loss Map
  • Bozeman Creek Watershed Study Maps
  • Gallatin County Transportation Infrastructure Plan Draft