Maps and Products Available

The GIS Department has a wide range of  map products available for purchase.

Most of our maps are wall-sized maps (34" x 44") that cost $20.00.

Small personal use prints are made from our counter machine at no charge.

Maps and Products Available from the GIS Office
Gallatin County Map Atlas (11 x 17)
This Gallatin County Paper Atlas is no longer printed for public sale, although it is still updated and used throughout Gallatin County by Fire Districts and Law Enforcement. The Atlas is available in digital PDF file format for use on personal computers or mobile devices. There are 5 pdf files that make up the entire Gallatin County Atlas. To download any or all of these files, follow the Departmental Link of Atlas Pages. The pdf files are labeled North, East, West, Canyon and South. There is a guide pdf to more accurately display the breakdown as well an Atlas Users Guide and a complete county Road Index. Atlas pages are created in full color on 11" x 17" format paper with an aerial view and a basic map view. The Atlas contains features such as roads, trails, water features, structures with addresses, land ownership, the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), and points of interest.

Cost: Free for Download
Gallatin County Map Series
Gallatin County Map Series
5 Sheets - North, East, West, Canyon, South

The Gallatin County Map Series is a comprehensive set of 5 maps identifying features in the County. Each map in the Series is rendered at a scale of 1 inch equaling 1 mile (1:63,360). Roads, water features, incorporated city limits, major peaks and mountain ranges, the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), Community names, State and National Parks, wilderness and research natural areas, and public ownership are shown.
The size of these maps are 34" x 44".

Cost: $20.00 each / All 5 Sheets for $55.00
Available From: GIS Department
Gallatin County School District Maps
School District Maps are available covering each of the 17 Gallatin County designated Rural School Districts. These maps include all roads and structures that are within the boundaries of the Rural School District. The map data is overlaid on top of the recent 2011 aerial photography. Maps are of various scales and printed to show as much detail as possible for each School District.
The size of these maps are 34" x 44".

Cost: $20.00 each 
Available From: GIS Department
Ponderosa Pines Area Map
Ponderosa Pines is the common name for a large development of Certificate of Surveys in the Clarkston area of Northeastern Gallatin County. Three versions of this map are available which all show individual COS and tract boundaries. There is a plain version, one showing topographic contours, and one with color 2011 aerial imagery. 
The size of these maps are 34" x 44".

Cost: $20.00 each 
Available From: GIS Department
Gallatin County Overall Zoning Map
Current Zoning in Gallatin County is restricted to various sized districts countywide. This Overall Zoning District Map geographically displays the existing district boundaries over a general county map for planning purposes and general locating of the established districts.
The size of this map is 20" x 36".

Cost: $10.00 each
Available From: Planning Department
Gallatin County Individual Zoning District Maps
Gallatin County Individidual Zoning District Maps are available for "official" Zoning District jurisdictional areas (where completed). Maps include all current zoning classifications for District. Adequate detail is displayed to distinguish individual parcel boundary lines, roads and inner zone zoning designations. 

Cost: $20.00 - $25.00 each
Available From: GIS Department

Additional Zoning District maps are available from the Clerk and Recorder's Office.
Some Districts do not yet have a final map available.
Gallatin County 1:100,000 Scale
Wall Map
A beautiful cartographic product depicting features of Gallatin County at 1 to 100,000 scale. This map include all roads and cultural features that are within the boundaries of the county. The map depicts a shaded terrain with contour data waterways and peaks.
The size of this map is 36" x 80".

Cost: $35.00 each 
Available From: GIS Department
Gallatin County General Navigation Map
If you are new to the area and need a useful yet informative map for orientation around Gallatin County, stop by our office and pick up one of these available free maps from the GIS Department. This map contains the main geographic locations and features within Gallatin County and also the public lands to assist with your county orientation.
The size of this map is 18" x 35".

Cost: Free
Available From: GIS Department