Data Available For Download

Gallatin County has compiled this Data from the best available sources and using adequate methods to fit the needs of the County.  This Data is not intended for absolute or survey-level accuracy.  Most Data are under continued development, therefore, the Data is current only to the date indicated in the file name.  This page will always list the most current Data available for download.

All Data is provided in Gallatin County’s standard projection and coordinate system of Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zone 12, North American Datum (NAD) 83 and in units of meters.  A projection file is included with each Shapefile.

Data available for download are stored in a zipped ESRI Shapefile format.  Shapefiles are a collection of individual files that comprise the complete Data set.  You will need GIS software to view and use the Data.  If you do not have or are not familiar with GIS software, visit to obtain more information and download a free data viewer with instructions.

All Data are copyrighted by Gallatin County and must be identified and labeled as such on any publication, map or related product.

If a "File Download" pop-up does not appear when selecting one of the data layers below, try a right-click on the data layer and select "Save Target As".

  1. Structures
  2. Roads
  3. Parcels
  4. Major Subdivisions
  5. Minor Subdivisions
  6. Zoning Districts
  7. Commission Districts
  8. Voting Precincts
  9. Fire Districts
  10. City Boundaries
  11. Waterways
  12. School Districts