Finance Office

Our Mission
The mission of the Finance Office is to provide financial services to the Public of Gallatin County, the County Commission, and the Elected Officials, Department Heads and Employees of Gallatin County.
Our Vision
To have a budget document that is clear, concise and easy to read by non-accountants.
To educate elected officials and department heads on fiscal and financial activities.
To be referred to as the best county in the state from a fiscal / financial perspective.
One Year:
Prepare a mid year budget review that incorporates:
  1. Financial Trends
  2. Financial Forecasts
  3. Operating Reserve Analysis and Recommendations
  4. Other information as becomes available
Implement CIP committee.
Improve understandable communication between finance office and customers
Five Year:
Develop Performance Measurement Budgeting based on Commission's desires with support and help from departments.
Enhance Finance Office's ability to analyze budget requests, implement performance budgeting and maintain service levels to customers i.e. public, commission, departments and employees.
Develop Long Term Financial Plan (expansion of fiscal trend analysis).