Family History Records

Public records held at the Clerk of District Court's office located in the Law and Justice Center include marriage licenses, probate, dissolution (divorce), civil, and criminal files. In requesting information on a person, you may call, come to the office or submit a written request. Searches will not be conducted without receipt of the proper fee amount.

Written requests may be sent to:    

615 S. 16th Ave. - Room 302
Bozeman, MT 59715

or by emailing us at: 

Our Records Clerk can be reached at (406) 582-2157.

Fee TypeDescription
Search Fee:$2 per name per year for the first 7 years, then $1 for each additional year.  
Marriage License Fee:$5 for a copy of a marriage license, $7 for a certified copy (used for legal purposes)
Dissolution Decree Fee:

$10 for copy of divorce decree, $12 for a certified copy

Copy Charges:$1 per page for the first 10, then $0.50 thereafter
Email fees:$.25 per page

If you know the exact year of the marriage/divorce, the search fee will not be required.  

Information we require to conduct a search:

  • Full name of person - include maiden name and/or name used at time of marriage or divorce.
  • Date of the marriage/divorce - month, day, year
  • Type of search to conduct - marriage license, divorce decree, search of court records for a particular case type
  • Type of document requested - a simple copy or a certified copy
  • Payment for the search and for the document if one is found

When requesting court documents and the exact number of pages of a document is unknown, you may either:

  • Request a search and wait for the reply before sending payment for the copy charges. If we are searching a range of years, be sure to include payment for the search fee.
  • Include a blank check and in the memo line write “not to exceed” an amount you determine. We will complete your request and send the requested documents with a receipt for the amount the check was written for.
  • Make payment with a credit or debit card.

**Always include a good phone number or email where you can be reached.