The name of this board is the Gallatin County Board of Park Commissioners, and it will be referred to as the “BOPC” or “Board” where appropriate, in the following bylaws.
The BOPC shall operate pursuant to the authority granted under § 7-16-2301, et seq., M.C.A., and Resolution No. 2004-130 and Resolution 2009- 030 of the Gallatin County Board of County Commissioners (“Commission”).
To provide a system of interconnected parks and trails for a wide range of recreational opportunities for Gallatin County.
  • Membership. The BOPC shall consist of seven (7) members to be appointed by and serve at the will of the Commission.  Five (5) of the members shall be representative of each of the cities of Bozeman, Belgrade, Three Forks, Manhattan, and West Yellowstone.  Each city member will be recommended by the governing body of the municipality and appointed by the Commission. The remaining two Park Commissioners will be appointed at-large by the Commissioners from within Gallatin County.  Each member shall hold office until a successor is appointed, subject to earlier termination by removal or resignation. 
  • Terms. Terms shall be determined as follows: Four (4) shall serve for two years, and three (3) shall serve for one year and all terms shall begin July 1st. Upon initial appointment, the members shall be selected for specific terms by lottery.  After the initial terms have expired, all members shall be appointed or re-appointed for two years. 
  • Vacancies.  Vacancies shall be filled by the Commission for the unexpired portion of the term of any Board member who fails to complete his or her then existing term.
  • Compensation.  Board members may be reimbursed for their actual mileage to and from each regularly scheduled monthly meeting per the current adopted state rate.  They may also be reimbursed for actual expenses that pertain specifically to BOPC work per the accounting policies and procedures of Gallatin County.  Members will not be given a per diem or salary for attending meetings of the BOPC or for any other activity sponsored by the Board.
  • Election of Officers.  At its meeting in July of each year, the Board shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary-Treasurer. The Vice Chairperson shall succeed the Chairperson if the Chairperson vacates the office before the term is completed and the Vice Chairperson will serve the unexpired term of the vacated office.  A new Vice Chairperson shall be elected at the next regular meeting. 
  • Powers and Duties of Officers.  Officers of the Board shall have the powers and perform the duties, which are customarily associated with, and may reasonably be construed as attaching to, such offices.  Without limiting the foregoing, the following powers and duties are specified. 
A.  Chairperson:
  1. Preside at all meetings of the Board.
  2. Call special meetings of the Board in accordance with these By-laws.
  3. Sign Board documents, as authorized by these By-laws or the Board.
  4. See that the Board complies with these By-laws and applicable law.
  5. Appoint standing or ad hoc subcommittees of the Board.
  6. The Chairperson may be an ex officio member of all subcommittees with a voice but no vote.
  7. Act as official spokesman for the Board.
  8. Set the agenda.
B. Vice Chairperson:
  1. Assist the Chairperson.
  2. During the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall exercise or perform all the duties and be subject to all the responsibilities of the Chairperson. 
C. Secretary-Treasurer:
  1. Supervise the work of the recording secretary, who shall be designated by the Commission.
  2. Act as custodian for funds raised by the Board.
  3. Supervise preparation of Board budgets.
D. Executive Committee
  1. An Executive Committee shall be made up of the Board’s elected officers.
  2. The Executive Committee shall meet when needed.
1. Regular Meetings. The Board shall hold regular meetings at least once a month, or as needed.  The Board shall establish a schedule specifying the times, dates and locations of regular meetings.  The Board may alter the schedule at any regular meeting.
2. Special Meetings. The Chairperson, or any three Board members upon written request to the recording secretary, may call special meetings.  The recording secretary shall send to all members, at least two days in advance of a special meeting, a written notice fixing the time and place of the meeting. Written notice of the special meeting is not required if the time of the special meeting has been fixed in a regular meeting, or if all members are present at the special meeting. Notice of a special meeting shall be published on the Gallatin County website at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting.
3. Open Meeting Requirements.  All meetings of the Board are open to the public in accordance with the Open Meetings law of the State of Montana.  Appropriate public notice shall be given of all regular and special Board meetings via the County Commission Public Meeting Calendar, with the date, time, location and subject matter included. The Chairperson may close the meeting where the demands of individual privacy clearly exceed the merits of public disclosure or to discuss a strategy to be followed with respect to litigation as described in detail in 2-3-203, MCA.
4. Quorum. A majority of the total number of Board members then in office must be present in order to conduct business.   A majority of those present may, however, adjourn the meeting without further notice.
5. Voting. Unless otherwise provided in these By-laws, a majority of the Board members present is required to approve a measure.
6. Attendance.  If a Member has two consecutive or four non-consecutive absences in a year from regularly scheduled meetings, the Commission may be informed and a replacement requested.  Members should notify the recording secretary, when possible, if absence is expected.  Board members may attend meetings via tele- or video conference as needed.
7. Minutes.  Minutes of all Board meetings shall be kept by the recording secretary and put on file in accordance with County policies.  Minutes of all open meetings, and portions of meetings that are open to the public, shall be kept available for inspection by the public.  The minutes shall include the names of Directors present, Directors absent, and staff; the final vote on all actions and the vote of each member.  
8. Rules of Order. The most current version of Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply to Board proceedings, except as otherwise provided in these By-laws and in standing Resolutions of the Board.
9. Order of Business. At any regular meeting of the Board, the following shall be the regular order of business:
I. Call to Order
II. Roll call
III. Public comment on non-agenda items.
IV. Approval of minutes.
V. Public Hearings and Action/Staff Reports & Presentations
VI. Discussion Items
  1. Subcommittee reports
  2. Chair Report
  3. Review of Claims/Budget
VII. Old business/Other updates
VIII. New business/Set agenda; Meeting Location.
IX. Adjournment.
Board members are obligated to avoid and disclose conflicts of interest.  If any member suspects that a particular set of circumstances might involve a conflict of interest, whether that conflict involves him or another member, he shall notify a Commissioner to request an opinion of the Gallatin County Attorney on whether there is a conflict and how to avoid or otherwise resolve it.  
Board members are obligated to comply with rules related to ex-parte communication. Board members may contact a Commissioner to request an opinion of the Gallatin County Attorney on whether an ex-parte communication exists and how to disclose the communication.
These By-Laws may be amended by a minimum vote of four (4) members at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

DATED this 21st day of  July, 2010
       Chairperson, Board of Park Commission

      Chair, Gallatin County Commission                                        Date