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How Jury Service Operates
Justice Court
How was I chosen?
Your name was chosen at random from voter registration lists. Questionnaires are sent to the people whose names emerge from the random selection. Court personnel review the completed questionnaires to make sure that the minimum juror qualifications relating to age, citizenship, residency, etc., are met.

What if my boss doesn’t want me to serve?
The law makes clear that you must be excused from your job for jury service. You cannot be fired or demoted in any way for performing this public duty.

Will I be paid for jury service?
Current Montana law sets the compensation level for jurors at $12.00 plus $.555 for mileage.  If you are selected to hear the case you will be paid an additional $13.00. Some employers are willing to pay their workers at the normal rate during jury service, and the workers then turn the County compensation amount over to the employer.

Can I be excused from jury service?
Judges can excuse people who show that they have a physical or mental disability that renders them incapable of jury service. Judges can also grant a postponement of jury service when they decide that such service would result in great hardship or inconvenience. But these postponements are rare. Everyone is inconvenienced to some degree by jury service, but for the system to work, people from all walks of life must be willing to serve. Those who refuse to complete the juror questionnaire or to appear when called to serve are subject to the imposition of fines and jail time.

Once I qualify for jury service, how long am I eligible for it?
When you receive your summons and questionnaire you will be notified of the period you are subject to call for jury duty.  Expect to be on call four (4) months.  You will remain on the jury panel for the entire period stated on your summons and questionnaire, but you will not be required to serve on more than one jury during the time you are on a jury list.

What happens after I am determined to be qualified for jury service?
You will receive notice from the court that you are on a jury panel.  The notice will advise you of the date of the trial and its duration.  You must check in with the court by calling 582-2191 Option #3.
A jury information telephone service is available at 582-2190 for the latest information we have concerning your jury service.  Call this number anytime after 5:00 PM the day before you are to appear.  In the event the trial has been cancelled, and a message is recorded at the above number, you will not be paid a juror’s fee or mileage if you appear at the Law and Justice Center. The Clerk of the Justice Court will not call you in the event of a cancellation. It is your obligation to call as directed above to see if you are needed as summoned.
You need to let your employer/teachers know when you are "on call" for jury service. But you shouldn't take time off from work or school until you have actually been instructed to come to the Law and Justice Center.

How do I prepare for jury service?
Be sure to arrive at the courthouse on time. A latecomer can hold up a trial involving scores of people. Instructions from the court will tell you where to report in the building. Wear appropriate attire. Shorts or tank tops are prohibited.

Who do I call if I have more questions?
You may call 582-2191 Option #2.

How do I get to the Court facility?
This link will show you where the Law and Justice Center is located > Map
Gallatin County Justice Court is located on the lower level of the Law & Justice Center.

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