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Facility Design
West Yellowstone Compost Facility
The West Yellowstone Compost Facility was designed to handle up to 50 Tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per day.  

MSW is unloaded on the tipping floor. An equipment operator using a mini-excavator pulls large non-compostable items, such as auto parts and garden hoses, out with a thumb/bucket attachment. The remaining MSW is routed to sorting equipment that separates the compostable material from the non-compostable.

The non-compostable material is sent to the Transfer Station and hauled to the County Landfill in Logan. The compostable material is sent to a large mixer where the compost ‘recipe’ is made by adding amendments, such as wood chips, brewery grains, grass clippings, sawdust, and manure in precise ratios.

Once mixed with the amendments, the raw compost is sent by conveyor to a series of concrete tunnels for primary composting. The tunnels feature a sophisticated aeration design that controls the compost process. The entire process is documented and controlled by a computer system developed by Engineered Compost Systems. Once the compost has met all regulations for bacteria control, it is removed to a secondary curing area for six to eight weeks.

After product curing, the compost is moved to a screening area. Screening the compost removes any residual inorganic materials, such as small pieces of broken glass. The final product is used for projects in the local area and Yellowstone National Park.

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