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Gallatin County Treasurer's Office
Contact TypeContact Information
County Treasurer
311 West Main Street
Room 103
Bozeman, MT 59715
Tax Phone:
(406) 582-3030
Motor Vehicle Phone:
(406) 582-3080
(406) 582-3037
8:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday
Closed on all Legal Holidays!
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Gallatin County Treasurer's Office Mission
To find innovative ways to provide top quality service to our customers at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the highest standards of honesty and stewardship of the public trust.  


In accordance with Montana law, it is our responsibility to inform all 2016 Real Property delinquent taxpayers, a tax lien will be attached to your property on AUGUST 2, 2017.  The delinquent taxes, including penalties, interest, and costs are a lien upon property and that unless paid prior to 5 p.m. (Mountain Time) AUGUST 1, 2017, a tax lien will be attached and may be assigned to a third party.  
MCA 15-17-122

A complete delinquent list of all persons and property in the county now owing taxes, including all city and town proeprty that is delinquent, is on file in the Gallatin County Treasurer's Office and is open to public inspection and examination.

2017 Real Property Classification and Appraisal Notice
Gallatin County Real Property owners will receive the
"2017 Real Property Classification and Appraisal Notice"
from Montana Department of Revenue in June 2017
The purpose of a classification and appraisal notice is to inform property owners and purchasers under contract for deed of the market and taxable value of their property for property tax purposes. Study it carefully. If the classification and appraisal notice reflects a value with which you disagree, or if you have any questions concerning the value or property characteristics, call your local Department of Revenue office immediately.  Gallatin County Local Department of Revenue Office can be reached at (406) 582-3400.  Do not wait until you receive your tax bill if you have questions about your property value. By then, the deadline to either informally object to the Department of Revenue or formally appeal to your local county tax appeal board has passed.
The following formulas are used to determine general property tax:
Market/Productivity Value x Tax Rate = Taxable Value
Taxable Value x Mill Levy = General Property Tax (exclusive of local fees and assessments)
Taxpayers have the right to request the Montana Department of Revenue conduct an informal classification and appraisal review (Form AB-26) and/or file a formal appeal at the county and state level at any time but only once each appraisal cycle.
Montana Department of Revenue
Gallatin County Office
(406) 582-3400

   Gallatin County 2016 Real Property 2nd 1/2 tax payment is due Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  
Mailing payments - must be postmarked by USPS or other
mail service on or before Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  
We do honor postmark!

Bringing payment in person - must be in the Treasurer's Office
by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  
Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

If you have any questions, please contact our office at
(406) 582-3030.

Locate Property Tax Information online
- Tax Payment information updated nightly from Treasurer's tax records.  
-  Property records updated as follows:
Real Property owners, legal description, etc. - Montana Department of Revenue provides monthly downloads updating property owners names and addresses.
Mobile home owners - Montana Department of Revenue provides monthly downloads updating mobile home owners names and addresses.
Personal Property owners and information - Montana Department of Revenue provides monthly downloads updating personal property owners names and addresses.
- Search by name, parcel number/tax id number, address, geo code or section, township and range
Gallatin County Treasurer's Office Information:
-  Gallatin County Treasurer's Office sends out delinquent notices as follows:
-  Real Property, delinquent notices are sent twice a year - January and late July.  It is not beneficial to the taxpayers or Treasurer's Office to send out delinquent notices when there are companies that want to purchase delinquent taxes from the County that send out thousands of notices to taxpayers in early July.  This is why the Treasurer's Office waits until late July to send out our delinquent notices.
-  Mobile Homes, delinquent notices are sent twice a year - January and July;
-  Personal Property, delinquent notices are sent once a year - August.
-  Gallatin County Treasurer's Office has started a list of taxpayers email addresses so we can send a reminder to the taxpayer when their taxes are due.  By law, the Treasurer's Office sends one (1) tax bill for Real Estate the end of October each year with two (2) stubs due November 30th and the following May 31st, for Mobile Home the end of April each year with two (2) stubs due May 31st and November 30th, and for Personal Property the end of May each year with one (1) stub due June 30th.  On the back of your stubs is a line to write your email address so we can add to our list.  You may call or email the Treasurer's Office with your email address also.  The Treasurer's Office doesn't sell the email list as it is for our information only.
-  By law, the Treasurer's Office can't post partial real estate tax payments.  If your  payment is received after the due date and penalty & interest is not included, we will return your payment back to you with a notice providing the total amount due and additional time to return the tax payment with penalty and interest to our office.  

Gallatin County Treasurer's Office accepts the following payment types:
-  Cash
-  Check:  When paying by check, please write payable to "Gallatin County Treasurer."  Also, please write the tax parcel number on the memo line.
-  Credit and Debit Cards:  Credit Cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  With Credit and Debit Cards, there is a fee charged to the taxpayer of 2.65% or a minimum of $3.00.

Pay Your Property Taxes Online by using Official Payments Corporation
-  For a fee, Official Payments will charge your credit card and submit your tax payment to our office.
-  You will need your tax parcel number, amount due, and Gallatin County's Jurisdiction Code #3601.

Tax Protest Information
-  For the procedure and form needed to pay taxes under protest, click on the blue box above titled "Taxes Paid Under Protest Form."

State of Montana - Department of Revenue Tax Appeal Information
-  To obtain State of Montana - Department of Revenue Tax Appeal information, click here.
-  Gallatin County has a local State of Montana - Department of Revenue office.  To contact the Gallatin County local office, PLEASE call: (406) 582-3400 or click here for their e-mail.       

County Tax Appeal Board Information (CTAB)
-  To obtain County Tax Appeal information and appeal forms, click here.

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