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How do I junk a vehicle?
Junk Vehicle / Road & Bridge Department
The owner of the vehicle will need to provide the following items in order to have a vehicle towed:
·  Proof of ownership (vehicle title, registration, certified bill of sale, or
the signed title from the previous owner).
·  Lien release if there are any liens listed on the ownership documents.
·  Basic information as to vehicle location, condition, etc.

The owner must sign a release of ownership. You may call the Junk Vehicle Program at 406-582-3250 to have the form mailed to you or you may come into our office at 205 Baxter Lane West (2 miles north of Four Corners, 1/4 mile west of Jackrabbit Lane) to complete the paperwork. In addition, you may print out the form from this website. There is no charge to the vehicle owner to have a vehicle towed and junked through the Gallatin County Junk Vehicle Program. Vehicles are generally towed within a week.

If you are unable to find proof of ownership please contact our office for further instructions.

Acceptable vehicles under the junk vehicle program are:
Motorized vehicles designed for use on the highway, including cars and pickups.
We are also able to pickup significant sized vehicle component parts, i.e. engines, pickup box, etc.  
The Gallatin County Junk Vehicle Department does not require a vehicle to have tires for it to be towed away. We utilize a roll back wrecker which does not require the vehicle to be in a "towable" condition.

Unacceptable vehicles under the junk vehicle program are:
The Junk Vehicle Program is unable to remove semi's, trailers, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, trailer homes, camper shells or pickup toppers, boats or other watercraft, or any other miscellaneous equipment that was not designed to travel on a highway.

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