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1/11/2018 Snow Removal Procedures
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Press Release
January 11, 2018

STATEMENT: The Gallatin County Road Department will remove snow from County Maintained roads efficiently, and provide ice control, while taking into consideration the availability of labor, equipment, and funding.

OPERATING HOURS: Normal working hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Work outside of these hours, such as early morning, evening, and weekends, will be at the discretion of the County Road Supervisor. Exceptions for potential emergencies will be determined as appropriate by the Supervisor. If you have a medical emergency please contact 911.

ROUTE PRIORITIES: The priority in which roads are plowed varies and is weather dependent. In general, higher traffic routes will be first, but priorities will be at the discretion of the Road Supervisor.

LEVELS OF SERVICE: Gallatin County roads may not be completely free of snow and ice. The following are general snow and ice removal guidelines. Snow removal typically will begin after 2 inches of snow has accumulated on paved roads, and 6 inches on gravel roads. Sanding of the roads will be done at critical intersections, hills, curves and other hazardous areas. If you live in the most out laying areas of the County we may not have the resources to remove snow in those areas, typically roads that are impassable when wet or snow covered will not receive snow removal service.

RURAL MAILBOXES: The County shall not repair mailboxes unless actual contact is made by snow removal equipment. The County will not repair mailboxes damaged by snow being removed from the roadway. In the event that County equipment has damaged a mailbox the County will repair the existing mailbox or post or replace the mailbox/post with a standard mailbox/post meeting USPS Standards. If a mailbox post cannot be replaced do to frozen ground, a temporary one will be used until spring.

SNOW PLACED IN ROAD RIGHT OF WAY: County residents are to avoid adding to the hazards of wintertime driving by not placing snow from their driveway onto County maintained roads and right of way. Snow dumped, plowed, pushed, or blown onto or across the roadway can create a serious hazard not only to the motorists but also for snow removal equipment. Piles of snow left on or near the road can freeze into a solid mass creating a hazard. Accidents and damage caused by snow piles may result in liability to the property owner. So please don’t plow snow onto or across County roads or rights of way!!!
Remember we all live here because we love the lifestyle that Montana offers so give the plow driver a hand, they are quite possibly your neighbor and are a very important public service component that allows us all to commute to work and play.  

THANK YOU:  Gallatin County Road Department

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