Gallatin County, Montana
Can the Griz Food Drive Results
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Last Updated: 2017/11/20
"Can The Griz"
Food Drive Results
November 20, 2017

The Cats were not the only winners this weekend. With full hearts and the participation of many citizens, the Gallatin Valley Food Bank accepted 394,078 pounds of food through the annual "Can the Griz" food drive.

This was the second year that Gallatin County has participated, throwing in a little friendly competition between buildings. A recycled trophy, that we sort of bedazzled, came into our posession last year and will continue to grow in whimsy as the annual competition continues. Last year's efforts brought in a total of 776 pounds by Gallatin County drop off locations. This year, we TRIPLED that with a total of 2,303 pounds contributed between food and funds.

Last year, the Clerk of District Court claimed the trophy and proudly displayed it in their window for a year. They reluctantly let it go at the beginning of the competition for revamping. They talk a big game, but in the end the Courthouse will proudly display the fruits of our efforts!   

The total brought in by Gallatin County buildings are:
L & J                                   711
Rest Home                               132
Fairgrounds/Weed                        46
Health                          148
Courthouse                              1,220
Blue Jean Wednesdays            46
Total                                   2,303

The “Can the Griz” Traveling Trophy will be presented to the Courthouse Offices during the Commission Public Meeting on November 21st at 9:00 AM. Thank you to everyone that participated in this amazing event!