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DUI Task Force - Who We Are

The Gallatin County DUI Task Force is a collaborative group of citizens and professionals appointed by the County Commissioners. The Task Force develops and/or funds public education, awareness, and enforcement projects to reduce the number of alcohol and/or drug-related crashes and deaths in Gallatin County.
Originally called Montanans Against Drunk Driving (MADD), since 1982 the Gallatin County DUI Task Force has provided a forum for proactive discussion and a place for professionals in the field to come together to discuss this crucial issue, and to design constructive and effective courses of action.  
The Task Force is self-supporting through DUI license reinstatement funds and works on this critical public health and safety issue without particular political agenda, free to address what is most relevant to our county, and to support innovative projects that prevent DUI.
The Task Force works to:
- Prevent Impaired Driving
- Reduce Alcohol &/or Drug-related Traffic Crashes & Deaths
- Educate the Public on the Dangers of Driving Under the Influence of
  Alcohol &/or Other Drugs
- Gather & Disseminate Statistical Information on DUIs in Gallatin County
- Help Keep Our Roads Safe

Through programs like:
- DUI Enforcement
- Equipment Purchases for Law Enforcement
- MSU's Late Night Streamline Bus Ride Service
- Presentations
- Demonstrations with Fatal Vision Goggles
- Creation of Educational Materials Distributed County-wide
- Marketing Campaigns
- Informational News Items & Editorials
- Gathering & Disseminating DUI-related Statistical Information
- Working in Collaboration with Other Prevention/Enforcement Organizations

Our members are:
- Private Citizens & Members of the Business Community
- Treatment & Prevention Professionals
- Law Enforcement Professionals
- Prosecuting Attorneys

We need your help
The Task Force has been active since 1982. We've been here, working quietly and effectively on this crucial issue, supporting the efforts of diverse groups as well as implementing our own programs.
Join us. We meet six months of each year, on the third Wednesday of the odd numbered months. The location and meeting schedule for Task Force and committee meetings are posted on the meeting calendar.

You don't have to be a Task Force member to volunteer!
Contact us about projects where your help might make all the difference.


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