Gallatin County, Montana
Capital Improvements Program Committee
Contact TypeContact Information
, Recording Secretary
311 West Main Street, Room 306 
Bozeman ,MT 59715 
(406) 582-3000
(406) 582-3003
Meeting Times
Second and Fourth Wednesdays at 7:30AM, Community Room, Courthouse
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Steve Ette
July 2020
Department head representative
Dawn Martin
July 2020
Financial representative
Todd Mitchell
July 2019
At-large representative (Business)
Marty Lambert
July 2019
Elected official representative
Scott MacFarlane
December 2019
Commission ex-officio member
Richard Shanahan
July 2020
At-large representative
Robert Lee
July 2019
At-large representative (Engineering)
Mike Money
July 2020
At-large representative
David Weaver (Chair)
July 2020
At-large representative
Construction representative
The principal mission of the Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIPC) is to implement the Gallatin County Capital Improvement Plan.  The Committee will identify deficiencies; raise public awareness; and formulate policy, plans and programs for recommending capital projects.  The CIPC will plan and coordinate innovative capital projects that will reflect the County‚Äôs goals and objectives.  The CIPC will serve as the central planning body for the review and recommendation on all capital projects as defined in the Capital Improvement Plan, and on consultation with all appropriate county boards, will make recommendations to the Gallatin County Commission regarding individual capital projects.

The membership is be made up of nine voting members and a County Commissioner who shall serve as a non-voting member.  The voting members consist of one elected official, one department head and seven citizen members.  All members serve two-year terms.